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  • There are several ways to participate in the process of decolonization.

    It doesn’t need to follow the battles of Bolivar or the revolutionary frenzy of Che Guevara. At this moment, each of us can engage in decolonization by aligning our food, clothing, language, cultural sensitivity, religion, artistic choices, to those of the indigenous cultures – or what’s left of them, or even to what we could save or help be born again from the remains that have survived the tribulations and the oblivion, like abundant waters that can sometimes return to a well thought to have gone dry.

  • tree arbol arbre Pre-Columbian renaissance is not an impossible dream. Hebrew, a quasi-dead language, resurrected because some Jews made the decision to make it so at a time when it was still possible to cherish a dream in Palestine.

    Today, this dream is possible for everyone; the one of resurrecting, from oblivion or abandonment, the glory of an age that has the right to regain its prestige. This applies to the direct descendants, but also to the descendants in spirit, in other words to all those who would adopt lifestyles, values, languages, names, sensitivities, and religions that would neither be Hispanic or Portuguese, European or North American. Think about it when it’s time to make choices, choices between a soft drink or local spring water, between the uniform of the masters or the adornment of your ancestors, when it’s time to sing, to dance, and dream. What color are your dreams? Are they really from the land you walk on, that provides support, shelters and feeds you?

    Then, little by little, the union will be established; the formation of a revolutionary body, informal and spontaneous at first, and then becoming strong, enthusiastic, unstoppable and victorious.


  • Descolonizacion

    For now, Descolonizacion offers you to come out of your comfort zone, to come out in broad daylight and show your desires, your aspirations, your claims. See who can join you, which associations, NGOs, political parties, municipalities, villages, cities, families, individuals, are ready to join this movement that, in every corner of this continent, awakens its daughters and sons to bring them together to sweep away injustice, invasion, dispossession, and mindlessness.

    The continental revolution is on its way and you are already part of it since you just read these lines.

    Of course, you are also welcome to the actions we will lead across the continent and even beyond; maybe soon near you.

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