Columbus Day, October 12th: National Day? Or National Shame Day?

    • October 12 : “Día de la raza” or “Día de la Hispanidad”, Columbus Day,  Giornata Nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo….Spain National Day!
      In general, a national holiday corresponds to a date of liberation, to the advent of a great national moment. The great national moment of this country has been the beginning of the subjugation of a continent and the destruction of its populations and cultures. Spain shows the worst face of European colonialism, the one that not only does not repent or show remorse but rather celebrates it!

    • As for the other countries celebrating this day, they would be well served and inspired to follow the voice of Hugo Chavez when he changed the day of “the pride of the race” or “Hispanity” to the day of the Indigenous Resistance

    • How would the Spanish population react if the French national holiday was on February 16th,
      the day of the Peninsular War when, in 1808, Napoleonic troops invaded Spain?


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