Privileged relationships with “Gods” from space

    • Gods who came from space

      This continent, especially the Andean regions and the current “Central America”, maintained special relationships with the “gods.” Rael has confirmed that the Elohim had several stations there (Peru, Brazil, …).


    • Some very human gods

      Dieux-venus-du-ciel-gods-from-sky-dios-del-cieloThe architectural vestiges and other architectures that have survived despite the systematic destruction of the texts and artifacts found by the colonizers – not to mention the temples and pyramids, including those found in Mexico; Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco – motivated by greed (melting the precious metal objects), or by a will to eradicate local cultures – despite the small number that managed to reach us – bear enough illustrative elements of “gods” with their human appearances and behaviors, their technologies and machines, their carnal unions, their pleasure to be in this very privileged part of the world in matter of climate and nature, and the peoples they seemed to cherish.

      Indeed, this resemblance to “gods” with men had induced a degree of uncertainty among these peoples about the true nature of the Spaniards. Due to their traditions mentioning, ‘very human gods’, the “very human” conquistadors resembled the descriptions, at least superficially but enough to fool these “naïve savages”.


    • Conquistadors looking like gods

      Somehow, the indigenous peoples allowed themselves to be conquered because they maintained a doubt as to the true nature of the newcomers. This is certainly a form of speculation, but one that is difficult to dismiss nonetheless; firstly, we will never know what was the state of mind, the true religion, the presence of “gods” in the imaginary sense, and so if it’s impossible to really know these things about the peoples for which we have consistent historiographical material (Greeks for example), imagine the teask at hand when it comes to peoples whose memory has, in large part, been erased!


    • Tocqueville said that when those of his generation will be gone, no one will know what the spirit of the Old Regime was. How could we then know what the spirit of the Natives was when the Spaniards arrived?


    • Furthermore, even if by miracle we could feel exactly what these pre-Columbian peoples felt, the fact remains that the reference to the gods would be categorized as mythical, mythological, mystical, symbolic, some constructions of the unconscious of other categories related to social sciences, which, on principle, rejects the idea that an extraterrestrial civilization visited the Earth, and consequently was at the source of these stories rather than that of the imagination, just like creationist stories that have all been reduced to pure creations of the human psyche.

      Yet it is possible that the conquest may have been relatively easy, mainly because of this mistake.

      inca stones pierres inca piedras incaIncidentally, this fact is not required to highlight the rich traditions, which all suggest that Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan and many others were (would have been) in fact not gods with supernatural powers, but human beings coming from another planet, with powers that our actual scientific knowledge can finally understand and bring to the rational discourse.

      And what about Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku and other cities, temples and pyramids built with a technology that sometimes exceeds anything we’ve seen in the beginning of this third millennium?