To inspire and engage in some real decolonizing procedures

    • Our goals are clear: to inspire and engage in some real decolonization procedures among peoples whose growth and maturation have been fatally undermined by the actions of foreign nations whose harmful influences persist in several ways and to varying degrees, against which it is urgent and essential to act.

    • The goal of decolonizing this continent should ultimately lead to the creation of a confederal union that would extend at least from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego and would share the same currency – certainly not the dollar!; a common language – Spanish or why not “Portuñol,” integrating Spanish and Portuguese – in parallel with the development and official recognition of indigenous languages in the nations and regions; and a continental army possessing a nuclear weapon for as long as there is no complete multilateral nuclear disarmament of all armies in the world, without any exception … 


    • Only a profound introspection of the root causes of the colonial phenomenon and its ramifications, as well as the symbolic and concrete steps that it will inspire, will be required to restructure this continent. This restructuration will include the indigenous Nations, the mixed peoples and the peoples who were willingly or by force brought into these lands, the companies that they built, the formal and informal institutions, the States, the economic structures, and last but not least, the “spirits.” Great measures, often difficult to accept by the establishments, will need to be put in place and this will require courage, a sense of vision, equality, and justice.


    • model latinoAt the same time, dignity will also need to be given back to this continent, a vague concept that includes a set of components, such as self-recognition, self-contemplation in one’s being with the conviction of integrity and security; and an ability to control the mental and physical conditions necessary to be projected into a serene future. This continent has been violated, trampled upon, destroyed, robbed, humiliated, de-cultured, enslaved, invaded, torn; in a word, colonized. If it was a definite past, that is to say a past belonging to a bygone era that no longer exists except in books, we could then spare ourselves of this introspection and “cleansing.” But this past is not gone, regardless of years or centuries; the present is tributary of what began in 1492.