Who are we ?

  • Descolonizacion stems from a silent and strong source of freedom rising from oppressed peoples, until the time comes for an imminent call to action.

  • Decolonization

    Descolonizacion  is a call to all women and men who, alone or collectively, wish to engage on the path of freedom of a continent that will stand on its own only once its vital force will free it from the terrible burden of colonialism. This will require more than good will, a will without which nothing can be achieved. So heralds of freedom for whom nothing is more precious than the authenticity of a newly found being who enjoys his innocent splendor, unite and break the chains that torment the flesh and hearts of half a millennium of sufferings.

  • Descolonizacion is you, it’s all of us who are fed up of witnessing what the people of this continent and what all the colonized and brutalized peoples have endured, and still endure, from the merciless and invasive powers. Let’s put an end to this once and for all!

  • Rael, the founder of the Raelian Movement, is the instigator of this project. He offers a philosophy, an instruction manual, an inspiration. Peace is His compass, His ultimate star; and for peace to happen, humans must look at each other, love one another, hold hands and begin the cleansing. We have tons of waste behind us. It’s time to engage in a massive cleaning effort and recycle.

  • Descolonizacion is taking part in the effort to decontaminate this continent so that living together will not become a huge challenge.


  • Origine-raeliens-raelians-raelianos

    What is the Raelian Movement ?
        The Raelian Movement is a spiritual and atheist organization that advocates the advent of a perpetual era of peace through the proper use of science and technology; and by the practice of a demystified and non-dogmatic spirituality.


      • Life does not arise out of nowhere, but spreads through the mastery of science and advanced technologies, following life’s vectors of fully developed and pacified civilizations, like the one that brought life on Earth, adapting it with joy and creativity to the local conditions.


      • Thus, humanity did not appear following the creation of one or more demiurge gods, nor from an evolution progressing through random mutations, but from the result of a combination of these two common explanations.


      • raelians-raeliens-raelianos In other words, all life on Earth has indeed been created, but scientifically and not through a supernatural act. There has been some evolution in the sense that this creation is the work of scientists from another planet whose laboratory work was not achieved in days, but rather over a period of several millennia, according to their abilities and progress in inventing and implementing life forms. These creators are mentioned in the Bible under the plural name Elohim, meaning in ancient Hebrew, “Those who came from the sky.” They are referred to differently in the simplified, distorted and mystified creationist writings of all the peoples of the Earth – and contemptuously described as myths in anthropological sciences. The versions used by large pre-Columbian civilizations, especially in the Andes and Central America, are the most remarkable and revealing.


      • raeliens-raelians-raelianos In the infinite universe, humanities reproduce, grow and reach their maturity when they master science, as we are currently able to do at this stage of our own development, with only two possible outcomes; self-destruction or giving in on our barbaric and primitive impulses.

        The Raelian Movement exists in 100 countries and, to date, counts around 120,000 members. It was founded in 1973 by Rael following a contact with a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization that seeded life on “our” planet. Since then, Rael, and the Movement he created, strive to spread this information around the world and bring peace, brotherhood, justice and progress.


      • It is possible and certainly not inconsistent to join one or more of our humanitarian projects and actions — initiated by the International Raelian Movement — without necessarily sharing the Raelian views about the origin of life on Earth.


      • In fact, some of the initiatives launched by Rael are now lead and supervised by non-Raelians (see rael.org). The same goes for this “Decolonization of Latin American continent” campaign we are launching now hoping to inspire others to carry the torch of the true liberation and emancipation of this martyr continent.

      • Watch a video on a Raelian meeting in Peru (2015).