Rael Speaks for a Free Catalonia

    Rael Speaks for a Free Catalonia

  • LAS VEGAS, Sept. 30 – Hearing that the people of Catalonia were brutally prevented from voting on their independence from Spain, Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), expressed his compassion for the Catalans and voiced dismay at what he called “the recurrent colonial attitude of the Spanish government.”

  • “The police violence against voters in Catalonia showed the colonialist mentality of the [current] Spanish government, which is worse than during the dictatorship of Franco and similar to the genocides and pillages Spain committed in South America against the Incas and other native peoples,” Rael said in a statement issued this morning by the IRM. “A peaceful future can only be reached by the dismantlement of large nations and the creation of human-size countries according to their traditional culture and languages. These would be micro nations of human size federated in a world government created by the people and for the people and not serving any financial interest.”

    For Rael, the era of kingdoms and empires is a thing of the past.

    “With human-size nations, weapons of mass destruction and national armies will become obsolete and easier to destroy, and they will be replaced by real peacekeepers created to serve and protect the populations.”

    In his book “The United Kingdom of Kama [Africa]”, Rael encouraged small nations stand up and fight for independence.

    “No people or ethnic group is too small to be independent,” he wrote. “Whatever the number of years spent under the domination of a country that conquered them by force, the desire of the peoples to be independent is inextinguishable. The future is in autonomy and solidarity, in a federation of small independent countries, free by their own choice and helping each other.” 

    In today’s statement, Rael also reminded Spain of its postcolonial debt.

    “Spain should give back the tons of gold it stole from Peru, Bolivia and other countries, plus give compensation for the genocides. Such pillage and genocide is a crime against humanity forever, and failing to respect the right to secession is also a crime. [The right to secession] is granted by human rights to every community in the world.”

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