Support Venezuela

    Support Venezuela !

  • In this dire moment affecting the continent, when a free nation is threatened by foreign intervention, concretely Venezuela, the Raelian Movement declares its full support to the government of the President Maduro. It could be any other president or party, this is not the issue. It is about this continent getting rid of external influence. After the Iberian colonization, the English economic imperialism of the 19th century, and the US imperialism, it is time to follow the Bolivarian way, or any other way, to unify this continent and return its dignity, its resources, its cultural heritage.

    The Raelian Movement supports in the most official and unequivocal way the freedom of the Venezuelan people to choose its president, its future and we hope that it will not be carried by the colonial temptation since in these countries the worse evil is the colonialist attitude, since part of the society, of the elite prefers to bow to a foreign power instead of fighting for the good of its own people. This is a calamity which has brought the continent to the present chaos. Those who are traitors to their Patria, who prefer North Americans to rule their own country don’t deserve to be called South or Latin Americans.

    We are on our way for a great Revolution which is aimed to free this continent and give back its own destiny.

    Latina America, Abya Yala free ! We Raelians are side by side with the free people of Venezuela

    Venezuela and Latin American as a whole are victim of the worse of the afflictions: the persistence of social and mental colonialist structures which prevent its National states to engage in a full emancipating process, and submit them instead to foreign powers : the “Madre Patria” (the “Mother Land”); the European and especially English economic imperialism; the US one. As long as these wicked trends will dominate the ruling classes, there will be no social justice, freedom and genuine identity in Latina America (Abya Yala). The full decolonization is therefore the only possible path. At this point, what is at stake in Venezuela is ceding to the colonialists forces – internal and external – or, on the contrary, to further eradicate such forces and walk one step forward the emancipation and unification of this continent.

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