The Raelian Movement calls for the independence of French Guyana And, to this new independent state, proposes the construction of an Embassy to welcome the extraterrestrials!


  • The French and South American Raelian Movement jointly call on the Guyanese to walk the path of independence. As Rael, founder and leader of the Raelian International Movement, reminded us, “the last European colony in South America is French, and France despises its inhabitants.

    It is time for this country to become independent. All other states of South America should support them in this regard.”


  • Actions to raise awareness of French Guyana’s independence.

  • On his way to France, David Uzal, leader of the South American Raelian Movement, announces that specific actions to raise awareness of the Guyana independence will be carried throughout the continent, in a campaign carried out by the Raelians for a radical decolonization of the so-called Latin American continent:

    He added: “For the good of the Guyanese population and for the people of France, a process of emancipation must begin and reach completion now that Guyanese civil society has shown its cohesion. Until now, the fragmentation of the Guyana population has made it a special case among the territories and regions that in the medium or short term will have to end being considered a French territory. The recent weeks gatherings show that French Guyana has reached a stage of maturity to constitute an unified and diverse society that will take charge of this 32,253 sq mi rich territory, three times the size of Belgium.”

    With French Guyana, France is faced with a losing situation in every cases. If it invests massively to raise the living conditions and infrastructures at the metropolis level, it will cause a considerable and uncontrollable influx of poor populations from neighboring countries: Suriname, northern Brazil, Guyana (English). If it does not invest, discontent will grow, breaking down in repetitive social conflicts until losing the country control and Kourou space base.

    “In any case, for a France point of view, Guyana is becoming a money pit, regarding human and financial resources. It is therefore preferable for both parties to engage now in a constructive and responsible process of separation”, said the South American leader.

    Diane Brisebois, French Guyana Raelian Movement leader stated: “I am very pleased to see that the future independent state of french Guyana may be the country that will accept on its soil the Embassy that the Raelian Movement plans to build in the coming years to welcome the Elohim (*), the extraterrestrial creators of humanity.”

    “We inform the Guyanese people that we will support their independence, in the name of justice between nations and good geopolitical sense. Should this free and independent state subsequently offer us the extraterritoriality necessary for our embassy project, this newly constituted nation would benefit immense advantages from it. Would it not be natural for this country that sends rockets into space to be the first to welcome space visitors”, concluded Diane.