Honorary Guides Continent nominated by Rael in recognition of their commitment to improve the world and their exemplary acts or remarks;





  • Evo-MoralesEvo Morales, Honorary Guide (Bolivia) :

    Evo Morales Aymar, president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, was named Honorary Guide the 19 of may 2017/71aH/5521 for his actions against the imperialism and mega capitalism of the USA in Abya Yala (South America)





  • Alexandre-GrangeiroAlexandre Grangeiro is Honorary Guide (Brazil) :

    Honorary Guide since February 20, 2004. While heading the Brazilian Health Ministry program to fight against AIDS, he publicly condemned the Catholic Church for wrongfully claiming that condoms don’t offer protection and for thereby committing a new crime against humanity.








  • Hugo-ChavezHugo Chavez is Honorary Guide (Venezuela) :

    The Venezuelan President was named Honorary Guide in October 2004 for his support of those who denounce the horrific genocides and other crimes committed by Europeans during colonization of the Americas. Spurning the name of the traditional Columbus Day holiday in America, he declared it should henceforth be known as Indian Resistance Day in honor of the indigenous inhabitants.







  • Leon-FerrariLeon Ferrari is Honorary Guide (Argentina) :

    This contemporary Argentine artist was made Honorary Guide on January 10, 2005, for his most famous work, La civilización occidental y cristiana (“Western-Christian Civilization,”1965), in which Christ is shown crucified on an American warplane as a symbolic protest against the Vietnam War. Ferrari has also created works deemed offensive by the Catholic Church, and one of his exhibitions was forced to close in Buenos Aires after a Catholic priest obtained a court order.







  • Barenboim DanielDaniel Barenboim is Honorary Guide (Argentina) :

    The renowned conductor and pianist, an Israeli citizen, was made Honorary Guide January 17, 2008, for promoting peace in the Middle East and championing Palestinian rights.









  • Rafael CorreaRafael Correa is Honorary Guide (Ecuador) :

    Rafael Correa was nominated Honorary Guide on September 13, 2012 ( 67 a.H.) for granting political asylum to Julian Assange, the leader of Wikileak. The President of Ecuador is also awarded this title for the way he champions truth and justice nationally and internationally, especially for the way the stands up to the bullying economic pressure of the United States and their puppets.



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