Descolonizacion/ Decolonization takes a radical approach, i.e., one that goes to the root cause of the problem in order to solve it.

    • DecolonizacionNo harm can find a true resolution unless it is addressed at the very root, where the primary cause lies and from which the secondary causes will always exist, for as long as a distracted eye will not focus on the root. And it is precisely because our eye is not distracted that we cannot allow ourselves to participate in the bathos that keeps the attention away from the root causes and that removes any genuine understanding. This is one symptom of a mass civilization lulling societies in the bed of abandonment and that favors creepy and greedy powers.


    • Nevertheless, we will have to face the situation and put the world back in order because staying on the “Disneyland” course will lead nowhere.


    • Descolonizacion takes the radical position of addressing problems head on. There is no room for indifference and cowardice when the abyss spreads open the ground beneath the feet of the peoples


    • filtrer filter cribar This means we will have to start from scratch, or rather from where the dislocation of the continent began, perhaps even before the Europeans’ arrival, although the part we are interested in is the one that started on October 12, 1492. All aspects must be addressed: religion, language, work organization, the relation to property and material goods, sexuality, friendship, family, hunting, agriculture, everything! Everything that constitutes a people (what belongs here and what doesn’t) and then decide what needs to be eradicated and what should stay.


    • Abondance Abundancy opulencia abundancia Eldorado
      A radical decolonization will open the doors to the true Eldorado;
      A genuine peace and prosperity

      The colossal work of a radical decolonization will completely restore this continent, will drain it to fill it back again in the same manner the country people do their housecleaning. Once a year, they empty their houses, kill bugs, wash clothes, clear out the attic or shed, take beds and mattresses outside full of bugs and other nasty insects that made their nest. And after three days of cleansing, they bring everything back in. Except that in our case, many rickety and outdated furniture and objects will be thrown off the cliff so that they will never return. They will then be part of the past, the real past, that is to say a past that no longer impacts the present.


    • It’s time for the big cleansing!
      The battle will be bitter because five centuries of colonization cannot be swept away in just a few days. Then the Eldorado will come, not a city of gold, but a continent at peace; a true and lasting peace. And that is worth more than all the gold in the world!