A grand continental project that, we are convinced, will succeed beyond our expectations.



  • “We must rebuild the United States of South America, the only possible firewall to North American neo-colonialism.” Rael
    Decolonization must take place economically through the recovery of all the gold and all the looting that was mainly caused by Spain and Portugal; through the adoption of a single language, a single currency for all of Latin America, a federal army and, if possible, arm themselves with nuclear weapons because, unfortunately, for Europeans and their descendants (aka the United States) this is their only modus operandi.” Rael

  • Here is a summary of our vision for the continent: It includes upcoming action projects and ideas, i.e., proposals whose implementation – although much less obvious – isn’t impossible and is highly desirable. These proposals are motivated by the awareness that mayhems of unprecedented magnitude, barely conceivable according to our current paradigms, will soon take place all over the world. In addition to this, is the conviction that huge projects, as unrealistic as they may seem, are a necessary element to our civilization and its progress, particularly at a time when the great ideals supported by religions, humanism and Marxism, got lost. We present here the sketch of a great continental project, we are convinced, that will be completed in part, fully or even well beyond our expectations. Priority actions are highlighted in orange.


  • descolonizacionGKeep in mind that colonization exists in various ways (see « colonialism ») and it manifests itself in several forms according to whether or not it is complete or “only” military, political, economic, cultural or religious. Therefore, colonization goes from full occupation with population intake – overturning to a more or less emphasized degree of the political, economical and even social structures in place, and elimination of the native language and indigenous cultures – to a more subtle colonization and sometimes, by their very hidden nature, being just as bad, if not more, since they do not require the colonizers to provide the minimum services that is necessarily required from the physical and official occupation of a territory. This type of colonization, one will understand, has many advantages for the colonizers. This is the type that was used by England, a “nation of shopkeepers,” in Latin America after the Spaniards and Portuguese left; and later on by the United States of (North) America until today, except in the countries refusing these conditions; having to suffer the consequences of such an opposition! The occupying colonialism now concerns only a few territories – the Falkland Islands, Guyana, the West Indies – which will need to be “returned to this continent.” Then we’re left with the other forms of colonization, the ones that require political and economic decisions, ways of thinking, believing, eating, living, etc…

    Decolonization deals with all the modalities of colonialism!


  • Amazonia :

    AmazoniaIt would be highly desirable for an Amazonian state to be created and managed by indigenous peoples of this territory where the proportion of “settlers” has remained low and where pre-Columbian cultures are large enough to see the viable constitution of a strong indigenous identity region, similar to the Andes and Central America.

    Rather than being a state with the same outdated conception, this new state would be a confederation of indigenous nations gathered on a delineated and protected territory that would include portions of the current Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, Bolivia and “France” (department of French Guyana, for which we also call for their independence [link with Guyana]).


  • Andes :

    AndesThe Andes are one of the three regions with a high indigenous identity on the territory called, “Latin America.”

    We propose the creation of the Inca Republic which will include a territory corresponding to the four suyo oor districts of the Inca Empire or Tawantinsuyo (meaning “the four regions”) that existed at the time of the arrival of the Spanish conquerors – this means the non Amazonian regions of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and parts of today’s Colombia, Chile and Argentina, and perhaps Brazil.

    The Constitution of the Inca Republic and the Amazonian Confederacy of Nations, in addition to having some judicial basics as a foundation, would have the major geopolitical function of balancing the forces on the continent and avoid a possible collapsing of relations between disproportionate states (see Brazil).



    Argentina :

    malvinas-malouines-falklandWe recognize and support the sovereignty of Argentina over the Falklands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

    Rael has nominated two Argentinian Honorary Guides: Léon Ferrari and Daniel Barenboim.

    “The decolonization of South America is not over by any means. For instance, the Falklands, which are obviously part of Argentina and for which there was even a war. So, the British forcibly sent many settlers to create a majority when voting. They make people vote by asking, “Do you wish to remain English or do you wish to become Argentinian?” It’s obvious since the British themselves brought them there, so they vote … in favor (…).” – Rael

  • Bolivia :

    La PazThis country leads the way and we support the policies undertaken by the government of President Evo Morales favoring the indigenous peoples, whether they are about reclaiming customs and traditions or natural and economic resources.

    We consider Bolivia as the “heart of the continent” and La Paz as the continental capital of the resilience of the pre-Columbian civilization. We would also like to see it as a sort of Jerusalem (Yir’u Shalem literally means city of peace, just like La Paz also means peace) of the former Latin America, not only because of the coincidental similarity in name, but, more importantly, because of the power of regeneration it emanates, a spiritual kind.

    We support Bolivia’s rights to recover a sovereign access to the sea, lost after the Pacific War that was partly fomented by British imperialism.

    In February (from the 5th to the 8th) 2017 – 71aH, we will officially present the Decolonization Project in La Paz.



    Brazil :

    Ipanema Beach BrazilBrazil’s territory covers 48% of the South American continent and holds about an equivalent number of people in terms of population. This could eventually become a factor of instability and tensions with neighboring countries in the event that Brazil develops an expansionist policy. There is a risk for a Brazilian imperialism given the “natural” disproportion between this nation and its neighbors.

    While aware of its size, we can only hope that this country will play the role of a “kind giant” and won’t attempt to flex its muscles on the rest of a continent, which partly managed for 150 years to avoid armed conflicts between nations. This is not only honorable, but represents a considerable advantage over other continents and may easily translate to unification. The common language in almost all its states; Spanish and its proximity to the Portuguese language makes it another important asset – although, in parallel to the “colonial languages,” the indigenous languages should be promoted, taught and valued.

    We trust the NIF (National Indian Foundation) in the application of fair policies towards indigenous peoples.

    Rael nominated aBrazilian Honorary Guide


  • Colombia :

    ColombiaIn the wake of the continental name change, we propose that Colombia, a territory named by the derivative of the name of the man who enabled the colonization that disintegrated the continent, returns to its original name of Huisca and its capital Bacata.
    Also, throughout the continent, a reform when it comes to names will have to be implemented so that their original pre-Columbian names are recovered or new names created.

    End of the United States military presence (which is a smoke screen for the war on drugs)


  • Ecuador :

    Rael nominated President Rafael Correa Honorary Guide.


  • Espagne :

    conquistadorSpain will have to pay reparations to the countries it colonized. The amounts and beneficiaries could be fixed and announced at a Grand Conference for Colonial Reparation. This country could also choose to bequeath a part of its territory to an entity representing the “hispano-american” states. This territory could be the Canary Islands, also a Spanish colony that would act as a bridge of cooperation between the former Latin America and Africa. Then, once it has completed its unification, to return this archipelago to the continent.

    This process will be painful for a country that continues to wallow in its colonial achievement to which it links its greatness, not feeling an iota of guilt for celebrating October 12 as a national holiday. In a way, it corresponds to a date of liberation for the advent of a great national moment, the one representing the start of the subjugation of the continent and the destruction of its peoples and cultures.

    Spain represents the worst face of European colonialism. One that not only does not repent or regret, but instead celebrates! Shame on you Kingdom of Spain! May the countries that have suffered thy yoke, be gentler to you than you were to them when you set foot on their soil!



    Guyana :

    guyane guyanaThis last European colony in South America must gain its independence and become the first Free Amazonian State to provide maritime access to a possible Amazonian Confederation to which it would be integrated (as the Oceanic Amazon Province for example).

    Europeans and Russians will be able to continue to operate their spatial launch bases in exchange for rent, and integration of “Latin American” scientists, researchers and technicians. Revenues from this leasing agreement should be used exclusively for the development of scientific and technological research of the continent.

    Other possessions in the Caribbean, as well as all Overseas Departments and Territories, let alone other Peoples linked to mainland France who would request it, must regain their independence.

    “Which is the only European country to still have a colony in South America? French Guyana is a big country, it’s huge and it’s still a French colony.”. – Rael

  • santa-fe-mexico

    Mexico – Central America :

    We propose the creation of a Federal Republic of Ixachitlan that would incorporate the states of Mexico and all the Central American countries in addition to territories now included in the actual United States.

    This block of countries would face the massive northern neighbor. It would also constitute one of the three major regions of strong indigenous identity on the former continent of Latin America.

    Nahuatl should be officially recognized as Mexico’s co-official language and the same should be done with other pre-Columbian languages all across the continent.



  • Nicaragua


    We praise the government of this country for having, since 2007, followed the path lead by Venezuela for repudiating the celebration of October 12 as “Día de la raza” or “Día de la Hispanidad” (Day of the race or Day of the Spanish identity) and celebrate it as “Día de la resistencia indígena” that is to say, as the Day of indigenous resistance.




  • guarani paraguay

    Paraguay :

    This country is a model when it comes to the language issue, since the Guarani is recognized as its official language since its creation.

    Bolivia has also adopted a multilingual policy (33 indigenous languages are co-official).
    Eventually, the entire continental population should be bilingual in the colonial language as well as in an indigenous language.

    The repossession of the territory lost to Brazil and Argentina during the War – despicable – of the “Triple Alliance” fomented by the British imperialism (which illustrates the second phase of colonization – this time by the British – on a more discreet economical basis, but no less devastating).


  • Venezuela :

    Rael nominated the President Hugo Chavez Honorary Guide


  • “The decolonization of Latin America also involves religion.
    A genuine de-Christianization of the continent must also take place.”
    – Rael